Trade Winds

Have you ever found yourself searching the annals of your favorite table top game on a quest for the perfect item?

Have you found the shelves of the item section lacking?

If so, then this is the guide for you! As the name implies
Trade Winds is an Items & Services Compendium!

This book features an unique monetary system that may be quickly implemented into any medieval fantasy table top gaming system!

It has an alternative starting equipment guide that is based on the character's social class!

This book provides an optional item burden system that doesn't slow down your game with unwanted book keeping.

A fantastic d100 table of trinkets and curiosities!

Trade Winds also has an extensive section on potions, and rules for them to toxify your players if they drink too many of them!

It has a section on life style rules that will assist you in those short and long rests!

This book also contains a list of different mounts (both mundane and fantastical!) as well as rule for turning your riding horse into a war horse!

And of course this book also has: weapons, armour, items, trade goods, shops, services, and more!