Project SunFlower

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What is Project SunFlower?

Project SunFlower is a post-apocalyptic tabletop game where all the boring deserts of a typical apocalypse have been replaced with lush jungles and the ruins of modern society. People live in fear of infection from the spore that will turn them into monsters and your life is always one exploding die away from ending. 

10-sided dice and Percentiles: Every die rolled in Project Sunflower is either a 10-sided die (aka D10) or a percentile die (aka D100).

Exploding Dice! Whenever you roll a natural 10 on a D10, you roll the die again and add the new number to the previous number. This trend continues for as long as you are rolling 10! This will hence forth be referred to as D10rr10. Occasionally you will have to explode 9s or even 8s! When this happens, it will be referred to as D10rr9 or D10rr8 respectively (rr stands for rerolls). 

Extended Tasks: Some tasks may take multiple turns to complete. When you come across one of these tasks you will use die pools to make multiple rolls over more than one turn to achieve success!

Tactical Play on a Hex Map: This game is designed to be played on a hex grid map. Positioning and character skills affects your hit chance more than your armor and the whims of the gamemaster. Hexes allow for quick calculation when determining how far away an enemy is. Each hex is assumed to be 1 meter but can easily be substituted for 1 yard if you’re imperially inclined. None of that 5-foot bullshit; we have standards here!

Classless System: Unlike many other tabletop games, Project SunFlower doesn’t have a class system. Any character can acquire any skill or ability provided their attributes are high enough.

You can find form fillable character sheets on our Discord Channel, as well as join into the conversation!

Dynamic Attributes: As you play your character their attributes will increase. This is done through great rolls, and through points you get at the end of game sessions! 

Difficulty Driven Experience! Every round in combat increases your stress, stress makes it harder for you to succeed, but it also gives your character’s experience! 

Set Hit Points: In Project SunFlower your character starts with 100 maximum hit points because you can only have 100% of your own life total. As you lose limbs and take permanent damage your maximum hit points go down. 

Damage Mitigation: as your gear and constitution improve, so will your damage mitigation. 

NO MAGIC: Project SunFlower doesn’t have magic, it doesn’t have elves or other fantasy species, and only time heals your body. What it does have is guns, monsters, death, and infection!

Infection: Every time you are dealt damage you have a chance to become infected. Infection eventually turns you into a monster. As a monster, you will turn on your party!

Project SunFlower is a number’s heavy game, so expect to do some math. Bring a calculator or better yet, bring your friend that is good at math! Monsters in this game also have exploding dice, just like players themselves do. Gamemasters and players will have a better experience if they accept that the monster’s exploding dice will cripple or kill players and that player exploding dice will occasionally 1 shot your precious NPCs/boss monsters. Guns are designed to kill; Project SunFlower embraces that fact. Count your mitigation and play tactically, or perish.